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Shen’s Tortall Dreamcast Part 1:

George Cooper - David Tennant

From the Tamora Pierce Wiki:

George is a tall, lean young man with white teeth and tan skin. Like his mother, he has bright hazel eyes and brown hair, which he cuts short like most commoners. He is also described as having a beaky nose, inherited from his father, that is too large for good looks, but he looks handsome when he smiles. He is supposed to be around six feet 4 inches. He is heavily muscled and has eyes that are full of mischief. He carries a number of knives and daggers as to be always ready for an attack, legacy of his time as the Rogue, or the King of Thieves in Tortall. His daughter Alianne, the main character of Trickster’s Queen, is also always armed, and has George’s hazel eyes.

According to Alanna’s first impression of George he has ‘something powerful about him, something almost royal.’”

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“It’s odd to eulogize a band that was so focused on mortality; it kind of seems like MCR had been writing their own obituary from the very beginning. So maybe it’s best to remember them not for what they did, but what they will continue to do: My Chemical Romance saved lives. Their music and their message brought comfort to those in need, helped outsiders feel a little less alone, shepherded the meek through the darkness and into the light.”
— James Montgomery, MTV News (via selfinfraction)

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30 days of the ponds / day 2: favorite quote quotes (pond to pond)

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“All stories end…”

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